About Henry Miller

Who am I?

I'm a grumpy old curmudgeon?

Professionally, I spent a bit over a third of a century in computer research, designing the silly things and, more significantly, developing cool new ways to integrate them into the way people live.

One of the prerequisites of that business is the ability to analyse conditions and do things with them. Sometimes, if some aspect of a condition is non-optimal—it's inefficient, it has adverse side-effects, it fails to achieve all necessary or desired results, or some combination of these—the objective of the analysis to remedy those deficiencies. I've been doing that kind of analysis in computers and technology for decades, and I usually can't help but do the same for much of the rest of life.

And that's why politics frustrates the hell out of me! Not only are governments absolutely edge-to-edge with non-optimal solutions, they appear to have been devised by people whose deliberate intent was to implement non-optimal solutions! They out-Ponzi Ponzi by devising a retirement scheme that not just neglects actuarial reality, but utterly repudiates it. They devise home-mortgage mechanisms that ignore human behaviour. They devise laws that address various problems but that cause far greater ones.

I'm not by nature particularly inclined to follow rules—rules are seldom for the benefit of the ruled and are almost always designed, in some way, directly or indirectly, to benefit those who make the rules. And when those who make the rules are so astonishingly incompetent as most governments seem to be, my disinclination is compounded.

So that's me: A cross-grained, misanthropic, grump who gets disliked for telling the truth as he sees it and for pointing out cherished idiocies.

Why am I inflicting my presence on the web?

To be honest, I've no good idea why I'm exercising my ego with this web site. The principal motivation was originally that, since I interpret data better graphically rather than tabularly (if that's not a word, it should be...) and thus create for myself rather nice plots of some of the Rasmussen data, I thought it might be a public-spirited thing to do to make those plots commonly available. Those interested in such charts are more than welcome either to press the “Charts” button on my home page or to follow this link

That's an awfully thin reason, of course, for going to the trouble and expense of designing a web site, so, as time goes on, I'll likely add more things, but that's for a future date.

Any inclined to do so are welcome to email me.